NDrive enhanced OpenStreetMaps Maps benefit 6

We use OpenStreetMap as a base map and then combine our technology, 3rd party data sources & 100s billions of points of GPS probe data, to create navigation-quality maps of the planet.

OpenStreetMap has a community of 4 million members and each day thousands of volunteers enhance the map by adding new roads, buildings, and parks — everything that matters for cities and towns across the globe.

It is free!

Feature set rich and with a growing contributor community. Commercial alternatives are expensive and less up-to-date. But OSM is also too flexible (anybody can map anything with their own Tags), not hierarchical with poor network classification, incomplete (lacking geocode, poor Address Points, POI, etc), without formal quality assurance and hard to integrate with other data sources. Therefore, OSM has significant issues and cannot be used as-is for good quality navigation.

NDrive OSM data improvement process

Data download and ingestion, independent of map source or structure, performing data cleanup
Data processing and validation, inconsistencies verification and automatic topology fixing of polygons and edges (overlaps, self-
intersection, unclosed, roundabouts geometry, pseudo-nodes, etc.)
Complement and fix of bad data with several other public and crowdsourced sources for area hierarchies, administrative areas, geocoding, zip-codes, address points, points of interest, etc.
Data aggregation with feature inference: turn and access restrictions, road category, speed profiles, traffic speed, geometry corrections, real-time traffic, incident report, user generated content.
Support for third-party traffic sources with OpenLR format.
Automatic data quality assurance performed at each stage of the pipeline.

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